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5 Things You Should Know About Conventional Loan

The first thing you must do when you’re ready to purchase a new home is secure a mortgage. It’s called pre-qualification, and it’s an essential first step. Without a lender’s pre-approval letter, you may not be able to shop for a new home. Some sellers won’t accept offers from buyers who don’t have a prequalification letter. Some sellers won’t even … [Read More...]

10 Best Interest Rates

Image source: homebuyercafe.netA savings account is the best place to store money you aren’t using for day-to-day expenses, especially when you’re saving for something big. Savings accounts keep your savings separate from your daily finances, are secure, and if picked right will help your money grow. Whether you’re saving up for a new house or … [Read More...]

Forclosed grey house with lawn

How to Buy a Foreclosure: Our Step By Step Guide

When looking at how to buy a foreclosure, there are a couple of things you should consider. Foreclosures are usually listed well below the market value, but buying homes that have been foreclosed on require some extra effort. Before we look at how to buy a foreclosure, let us look at what a foreclosure is. Quick Navigation What Is a … [Read More...]