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calculating the Best Mortgage Rates for your home

Best Mortgage Rates For Your Dream Home

Buying a home is a big goal for many people, and whether it’s your very first home or your third home, it’s an exciting event. But, while buying a new home is a huge accomplishment, getting there can be a challenge, especially for finding the best mortgage rates. To make finding the right mortgage for your new dream home as easy as can be, we’ve … [Read More...]

how to calculate opportunity cost

How To Calculate Opportunity Cost

Have you ever grown impatient at the extreme couponer in front of you holding up the line? Why do people bother? It is because they know how to calculate opportunity cost and have determined it is worth their time. There are a few methods for how to calculate opportunity cost. For some, it is the ratio of what they sacrifice and what they gain. For … [Read More...]

How Does A Reverse Mortgage Work: A Look Into The Requirements And More

You may have heard about a reverse mortgage, but many people don't know anything about what they do or who should consider using them.  In this article, we will answer your question of how does a reverse mortgage work.While there are obviously many different kinds of loans you could use, once we answer the question "How does a reverse … [Read More...]