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Photo of a red car near a black wallet

How to Refinance a Car

If you find yourself asking how to refinance a car, you’re probably paying too much for the vehicle you drive. It’s not an uncommon situation for many drivers who don’t shop around for the best car loan, and it leaves many drivers wondering if they can lower a vehicle payment the same way they refinance a home and lower their mortgage payment. The … [Read More...]

Red small house and a floating key

FHA Loan Limits – Everything You Need to Know

The current FHA loan limits are generally 115% of the median home prices in any given county. Meanwhile, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, regularly adjusts the loan “floor” and “ceiling” to help first-time home buyers, lower-income families, and borrowers with less-than-stellar-credit-scores to get a mortgage. Quick … [Read More...]


Navy Federal Mortgage Rates Trend

What do Navy Federal mortgage rates look like right now? It's what anyone who has an account with this credit union might ask when they are looking to buy a home, build a home, or refinance the home they already own. Mortgages are expensive. A home is typically the most expensive purchase a person will make, and the rates you pay for your mortgage … [Read More...]